Organic Coupon Deals at Dillons

Here are a few organic deals you may want to take advantage of at Dillons this week:
 Check this out!  The organic apples are CHEAPER!  Organic Fuji apples are on sale for $2.99 for a 3 lb bag, verse $4.29 for regular apples.  You can also pick up organic apples at Mama Jeans right now for $.99  lb.

 When comparing oranges, the prices were the same for a 4 lb bag...only $2.99 for organic oranges.

 I am SUPER excited about Annie's cereal on BOGO, making it only $1.99 a box.
(use the UPCs HERE for a free garden kit.)
Santa Cruz is BOGO as well, minus $.75/1 printables HERE that round up to $1 making them $1.25 for a four pack, or $.31 ea. Thanks Stacy!

The Private Selection brand has a great deal on organic peanut butter, making it only $3.19.  These are NOT in the organic section.  Curious about what the difference is between natural peanut butter and organic peanut butter?  Blog post coming soon!

I'm excited to share my organic price check with my readers!  Hopefully I'll be done with it in about a month.  Read more about why our family is switching to more organic foods HERE.

Dillons 101 and info HERE. Don't forget to load all the eCoupons to your Dillons card from Cellfire, Shortcuts, and! Print coupons from Coupons.comRedplum!  View the ad HERE. Final price reflects best coupon scenario.   and I participate in The Grocery Gathering. Check them out for more great deals!


  1. I am so glad you are posting these things. I think we couponers are all thinking the same thing right now. I am making a conscious effort to eat more organic and healthier in general, but still using coupons and sales. Thanks so much! I shop at Dillons as well, so this really helps me out a lot!!

  2. Mandie -- there is a coupon for the Santa Cruz products on mambo sprouts! There is also a coupon for Luna Protein Bars -- making them free after doubled coupon!!

  3. You're welcome Leah!!!

    Thank you Stacie! That makes the Santa Cruz only $1.25 each, even better!