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Our family is trying to cut down on foods containing chemicals and high sugar, transitioning to a healthier diet to improve our overall health.  Realistically, I'm starting with snacks and will be going from there and think every little bit counts...not going the all or nothing approach, so yes, we'll still be eating "nonorganic" foods, just not as often.  I've learned how to get a ton of junk food for free to really cheap, so now my mission is to find great deals on healthy food.  I have done quite a bit of research on how the chemicals below affect children.  I've also been working on how to fit healthy food choices into our budget, so I just wanted to share some organic, natural blogs, along with a list of printable manufacture coupons and few other resources if your interested in doing the same thing!

Here are some of the foods we are going to try to avoid:
  • Artifical Colors:  Artifical Color FD&C, US Certified Food COlor, FD&C, Blue No1, Blue No2, Green NO3,Red no40,REd No3,Yelow No5,Yellow No6
  • Artifical Floavors: Monosodium glutamate, MSG, disodium inosinate, disodium guanylate
  • Preservatives: Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), butylated hydrozytoluene(BHT)
  • Artificial Sweeteners: Saccharin (sweetnlow), sucralose (splenda),aspartame (nutrasweet and equal)
  • Refined sugar: sugar, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)
  • Fat: Trans fat, partially hydrogenated oils
      Organic Printable Engines:


      Don't forget about the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen!  More info HERE.

      Research if you're interested:

      ~Artificial colors: Some children are sensitive to artificial colors. They increase hyperactivity, result in behavior changes such as irritability and restlessness, aggravate eczema, dermatitis, and asthma.  Artificial colors are made from coal tar, the by product of coal when it it's carbonized to make a fuel or gasified to make coal gas.  Coal tar is found in medicated shampoo and ointments, such as a treatment for head lice.  Cancer research proves any product with a certain percentage of crude coal tar is considered group one carcinogen.

      ~Artificial Flavors are chemically synthesized compounds added to foods to imitate or enhance flavor.  One is MSG, found in canned soup, stocks, potato chips, snack foods, frozen dinners, instant meals with seasoning mixes and in fast foods from restaurants.  Animal studies indicate ingesting high levels cause brain damage and unknown long term nerodegenerative effects.  Reactions such as headaches, chest pain, nausea, difficulty breathing, drowsiness, and weakness occur with MSG.  It can lead to irritability, uncooperativeness, and tantrums due to sensitivity to physical issues from MSG.

      ~Artificial Preservatives are human made chemicals that are added to food to  inhibit growth of bacteria, fungi, inhibit oxidation, and present changes in color, taste and odor.  Natural preservatives, such as salt, sugar, and vinegar used in the processes of freezing, picking, smoking, and salting are used to preserve food naturally.  Research shows that artificial preservatives can cause health problems such a respiratory problems and cancer.  Research shows that when removed from diet, academic performance is increased and behavior problems decrease.  BHT and BHA, artificial preservatives, are used in rubber, cosmetics, ...and can also be found in cereal, gum, high fat foods such as potato chips and shortening.  It promotes forms of cancers and tumors.

      ~Artificial Sweeteners:   Research shows that Saccharin (sweetnlow), sucralose (splenda),aspartame (nutrasweet and equal) can cause several health risks, such as cancer, headaches,  and seizures. It effects brain function and neurological problems.  Children with autism experience neurotransmitter imbalance and it results in mood and behavior problems that aggravate behavioral symptoms.

      ~Trans Fat is the product of hydrogenation, or adding hydrogen to liquid vegetable oil.  It can be found in margarine, crackers, cookies, chips, cakes, pies, breads, snack foods, energy bars, nutrition bars.  Natural trans fat in milk and body fat of animals do not have the same effect as human made hydrogenated oils.  They raise bad cholesterol,  lower good cholesterol, which increases risk of heart disease.  They increase risk for cancer, diabetes, obesity, and infertility.  In the autism community, the negative impact on the liver is of concern as the tarns fat interfere with the enzyme delta 6, which is critical in the the process of converting essential fatty acids (omega 3 and ^) found in foods used by the brain.  This deficiency causes a deficiency of ARA, EPA, and DHA, all critical for brain development, function, signaling and processing.Research shows children with autism have low levels of delta 6, which makes their situation worse.  Find Omega 3 in fish ,flaxseed oil, canola oil, walnuts, and pumpkin seeds, Find Omega 6 is soy oil, corn oil, safflower oil, borage oil,and black currant seed oil.

      ~Stay away from highly processed foods.   They have high fat, salt and sugar, contain trans fat, and the additives contribute to behavioral and health problems.  Cooking from scratch with healthy, nutrient dense, chemical free foods and your child's brain and body will function better.

      ~Pesticides: Limit exposure by buying organic foods, which are processed without artificial pesticides, artificial fertilizers, sewage sludge, artificial additives, hormones, and antibodies.  Organic food has not been chemically ripened or genetically modified.  Children's bodies are more sensitive to pesticides because of their smaller size and developing brain and nervous system.  Their detoxification system is less ale to process and excrete them.  Studies have linked pesticides to  cancer and neurological disorders.  They disrupt acetylcholinesterase, a key enzyme needed form brain cell communication.  The also affect the developing fetus and impair normal brain development, resulting in hyperactivity and learning and developmental disabilities.  Look for USDA Organic Seal.  Organic foods cost more because they're produced on a smaller scale, have lower crop yield, are subject to tight government regulation, have high cost farming practices, are allowed a limited number of animals per acre, and pest management is very labor extensive.

      ~Avoid Refined Sugar- Sucrose,white sugar, and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) are found in soft drinks, fruit juice, candy, peanut butter, yogurt, snacks, ice cream,...Sugar contributes to obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay.  There is a definite link between sugar and behavior problems, attention, hyperactivity, aggression,mood, and mental function.  Sugar, a simple carbohydrate, is rapidly digested and broken down into glucose, absorbed in blood stream, , causes rapid rise in blood glucose level (hyperglycemia), which triggers pancreas to release insulin to lower blood glucose, causing it to drop rapidly, and triggers release of adrenaline.  Some children are more sensitive to this rise and fall and bodies overact with physical and behavioral symptoms such a nervousness, light headedness, irritability, sweet craving, anxiety and headaches.  Avoid high sugar foods and beverages (anything more than 15g ) Replace high sugar snacks with veggies,fruit, nuts, seeds, air popped popcorn, fruit smoothie, pretzels, or rice cakes with fruit spread.Feed child three small meals and three snacks a day, about every three hours.

      ~Provide balanced meals made up of complex carbohydrates( whole grains, rice, bread, cereal, starchy vegetables, and legumes), protein, and healthy fat.  Offer foods high in soluble finger, such as legumes, oatmeal, root vegetables, and fruit.  Limit fruit juice to 4 ounces a day.


      1. Wow! Mandie, thanks for such an informative post. It is nice to have a compiled lists of blogs to visit as well as natural food sites that I can get coupons from. I've got 2 little ones and have wondered how certain ingredients may affect them. You gave me a great jumping point. THANK YOU!

      2. Thank you so much on helping find more places to save $$ on natural and organic foods. I have recently started switching my family over to more healthy eating after watching "Food, Inc." - a real eye opener about our food. We are planting a ton more veggies in the garden this year, hitting the local farmer's market a lot more, and making most of our own cleaning supplies. Thanks for helping us coupon w/out the junk food!