Living Out of the Pantry Challenge

Post Three:

When I committed to living out of the pantry Sunday, I had no idea about Dillons Mega sale this week!  It is Thursday and I am $2 over my goal of only wanting to spend $50 over the next two weeks.  I got TONS of great deals today that I just couldn't pass up.  So I am admitting that it was much harder than I thought, but I can't pass up a good Mega Sale!  Sometime I think of couponing as my hobby, sometimes my job, and right now...quite possibly an addiction!  I LOVE it!  We are seriously set though, for the next two weeks on food, so only going $2 over isn't too bad...right?  ;)

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  1. $2 over doesn't sound bad at all! Especially with everything you purchased today! :) I went a little bit over last week for our food budget (~$4), but we have enough cereal for at least 4 months. :D