Living Out of the Pantry Challenge

After my hubby and I sat down to go over our budget, we realized we were way over our budget for food...eating out and groceries!  Instead of transfering over money from other envelopes (we use, I am challenging us to live on $50 on food over the next two weeks, and the only way to make that happen is to "live out of the pantry."  I have read about other frugal spenders doing this and now is the perfect time for us to try it out.  I don't plan on wiping out our stock pile, but have things like cereal, mac-n-cheese, tomatoes, cheese, beans, and hamburger meat overflowing from our stockpile.  I plan on using SuperCook to try out a few new recipes and  plan on posting some of my "concoctions." I am serious about this goal and know we can do it!  I'll keep you posted!

Anyone want to join me in living out of the pantry over the next two weeks?


  1. I live out of my pantry about once a month. It saves me money and gives me a slight break from couponing.

  2. I am going to be living out of the pantry until the 15th because I spent too much on deals at Dillons! But I have stuff in the freezer and pantry and have meals planned so it shouldn't be hard. Keep us posted!