Organic Snack Tips

If your little ones are like mine, they are super busy, which means they are also  always super hungry!  When on a budget and trying to feed your little ones healthy organic snacks, you have to be picky!  I find nutritious, filling snacks in bulk.  You can even have portions in baggies that they can grab!  I like to have these ready for when we head out the door because my little ones are ALWAYS hungry in the car and I avoid drive thrus as much as possible!
What to eat became an issue at our house, so now my boys have  this handy list on the fridge to pick from.  These are the things I keep stocked, with an extra blank for anything extra we have on hand.  Slide this in a protective sleeve and write the extra snack in with an Expo marker, which can be erased and changed!
One of our favorite snacks to make, especially for family movie night, is popcorn!   Have you read the ingredients on the bagged microwave popcorn?  Artificial eww! 
We have a Worly Pop and use organic oil and popcorn topped with organic butter and sea salt for the perfect filling snack that is super frugal!

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