Local Tip: Where I Get My Organic Milk!

If you've thought about switching to organic foods and have done your research, you'll find switching your dairy is of top priority!  I just wanted to share contact info with a local farm to all my local readers!  Each week, Diane Allen travels to Springfield from a nearby local farm to deliver 1/2 gallon jars of milk for only $2.  Her Holstein cows graze year round and are antibiotic, hormone, and pesticide free!  You can even set up a time to visit her grade A barn.  Contact Diane at jimmiea@wildblue.net if your interested!

Quick tip:  I take turns with a friend of mine picking up milk each week, so I only have to do it every other week.  I leave the cooler on my porch if I'm out and about and my friend leaves it on my doorstep, just like old times! :)

~Interested in learning more about organic milk?  Info HERE.~


  1. Do you think I could contact her and see if she knows anyone near Wichita that does this? I have also wanted to see if I could get butter as well :)

  2. Yea, it's worth a shot! I have made butter from the the milk, but the next best deal I've found is the organic butter at Dillons/Kroger, not in the organic section, made by Private Selection.

  3. My son is really sensitive to dairy and cane sugar. This makes buying organic condiments hard to find because they usually contain sucanat.