Oragnic Price Check

I know I have many readers waiting on my organic price check, so I wanted to share a rough draft of what I have found so far! These are some of the best prices I've found locally (Springfield, MO) on organic foods. I am on a mission to find the very best deals on healthier foods. Couponing is one way to save money, but so is comparison shopping, and combining the two is the ultimate goal! Remember, prices change often, especially on produce, but currently, here are the best prices. How do can you use a price check? Read my post about why price books are important HERE and how to use them HERE! Let me know if you come across a better deal, but here is a starting point for those of you who'd like to eat healthy for the best price! Click HERE to read about why our family has made the switch! Interested in learning more? Watch Food Inc! It's on instant play on Netflix!

Store-Product-Size-Price-Cost Per Unit (All organic unless specified)
Apple Juice(unfiltered)-128 oz   $8.99     $0.07
Oil-Coconut- 14oz            $8.99     $0.64

Burton's Farm- Farmers Market
Beef- Sirloin Steak- lb -$7.10    
Beef-Stew Meat-$5.25    
Chicken Wings-Smart-lb-$2.00    

Co-op-Local- Good-N- Plenty 
Cheese- Cheddar-White Mild-1 lb-$7.38-$0.46
Cheese- Cheddar-OgCmry-Loaf 5 lb=80oz-$35.75-$0.45
Chicken Tenders-Applegate-8 oz-$7.09-$0.89
Great Northern Beans-bulk-dry-lb-16oz-$1.40- $0.09
Pinto Beans-bulk-dry-lb-16oz-$1.33-$0.08
Sundrops-10 oz $4.98-$0.50
Chocolate Syrup- San Cruz-15.5 oz-$3.25-$0.21
Honey-Bulk M-16 oz (local raw at Mamas!)-$3.98- $0.26

Butter-Private Selection-4 sticks-16 oz -$4.99-$0.31
Sour Cream-Horizon- 16 oz-$2.89-$0.18
Yogurt-Stonyfield or Horizon-YoKid-8Tubes-16 oz-$3.49- $0.22
Cereal-frequent sales-$0.15 per oz
Fruit Spread-Cascadian Farms -16oz-$3.29-$0.21
Peanut Butter- Prive Selection- 18 oz-$3.19- $0.18
Bread- Private Selection Harvest -28 oz-$2.69-$0.10
Mac n Cheese-Annie's (natural)-$1.59    
Apple Sauce- 24 oz-$2.99-$0.12
Yellow Onions-3 lb bag-$3.49-$1.16
Green Pepper-ea (1/2 lb)-$1.99- $0.99
Yellow Squash- lb-$2.99-$1.27lb
Cucumber-ea (about3/4-1lb)- $1.69   
Bananas-lb-$0.64- $1.99

Dillons or Mama Jeans 
Apples -$0.99-$0.21
Carrots-bag-2lb $1.99- $0.19

Whole Wheat Lasagna-1lb-16oz -$3.39-$0.60
Whole Wheat Spaghetti-bulk-lb-16oz - $2.99 -$0.06

Mama Jeans      
Chx Breast Roasted-Applegate Farms- slices- lb-16oz- $9.59- $0.14
Sugar Cane-bulk-lb-16oz -$0.99- $0.56
Kidney Beans-bulk-dry-lb-16oz-$2.25-$0.16
Gummy Worms-5 oz-$2.84-$0.14
Wheat Macaroni-bulk-lb-16oz - $2.55 -$0.17
Lettuce-Red Leaf -$2.21- $0.75
Lettuce-Romain -lb-16oz-$2.68-$0.34
Potatoes-5lb -$3.87    
Not Best Deal, but local raw Honey-(from Rogersville)-lb-16oz-$5.39- $0.31
Eggs-dozen- $2.99    

Ozarks Natural- Farmers Market
Bacon- lb-$5.00    
Beef- Ground- lb- $3.50    

Raised Right Meats        
Beef- Brisket- lb- $7.50    
Beef- Roast- Pikes Peek- lb-$6.25    
Chicken Breast-Organic-lb-$6.25    
Pork- Spare Ribs-lb - $4.00- $0.23
Pork- Ham- lb-$5.50- $0.09

Flax Plus Granola Cereal w Pumpkin-32oz-$7.48 - $0.81
Pasta Sauce-Bertolli   - 3/24 oz. jars=72 oz - $6.68- $0.30
Energy Bars- Cliff-24 bars- $19.34  -$0.44
Chips-Food Should Taste Good-20 oz - $5.98- $1.49
Twisted Fruit-CLIF kid -24 pck  -$10.58 -$0.21
Carrots-Earthbound Farm-Mini - 3 lbs.-$4.48-$0.25

Chips- Archer Farms- Tortilla- 14 oz  -$2.99- $0.66

Cheddar Bunnies-Annie's -12oz- $2.98 - $0.46
Fruit Snacks-Annie's Box-5-$3.28-$0.11
Coffee- Sam's Club-12oz - $5.48-$0.10
Half and Half- Horizon-16 oz - $1.76 - $3.90
Yogurt-Horizon- 32 oz- $3.24- $1.37
Chicken Breast- Natural- Frz-Harvestland- 2.25 lb-$8.78- $0.09
Chicken- Whole Harvestland - $1.37 -$0.16
Chicken Broth- Swanson- 32 oz  $2.74  -$0.09
Tomato Paste-Muir Glen- can-6oz - $0.96 - $0.10
Tomato Sauce-Muir Glen - can- 15 oz-  $1.38 - $0.15
Tomatoes- Diced- Muir Glen- can- 14.5 - $1.38   
Ketchup- Heinz-15 oz  $2.28   
Ranch-Marzetti- Natural- $3.28   
Ranch-Marzetti-Organic  - $3.94 - $0.37
Salsa- Newman's Own- Natural -$2.12   
Fruit Strips-Stretch Island -box- 8 - $2.98   
Broccoli- bunch -$2.82   
Potatoes-5lb     - $3.80- $0.76

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