Organic Resources

I just wanted to share a few organic resources with my readers that are interested in learning more...
  • The EWG's shopper's guide helps to focus on which fruits and vegetables are most important to buy organic,such as apples, verse those where there's very little pesticide residue, such as onions.  If your on a set budget and have to pick and choose, this list can help.  I printed it off and carry it in my purse. I love the full ranked list HERE.
  • Local Harvest is a great website to find local organic foods close to you.  I'm excited to try out a local organic restaurant I found using the site!   Eat Wild is a great resource as well to find local farms.
  • My friend, Rachel, over at The Good Deal Gal wrote an excellent post on prioritizing what to spend the extra money it costs to buy organic foods HERE.
  • Details on why we're going organic HERE, along with several organic printable coupon links.

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