Feeling Stretched...Take Two!

Remember my "Feeling Stretched!" post I wrote about HERE?  I have decided I am right back to blogging as much as I used to and feeling somewhat stretched again, torn between all the things I need and want to do and looking for a balance.  While maybe someday when my little ones are older, I can make a career of blogging, for now my career is being a homemaker and I LOVE it!  After much thought, I have decided to scale WAY back on my coupon blog.  I'll still be around here and there, but posts won't be as often and I am finally saying good bye to my hours of Dillons coupon match ups I do every Tuesday night.  There are so many other wonderful blogs out there!  Check out my Blogroll and Dillons tab at the top to stay on top of great deals!  I hope to dive even deeper into smart spending, but just don't have time to do it all and blog it all!  I hope to still be able to share a few great deals when I can.  I still hope you'll stop by to visit "I Heart Coupon Deals" from time to time!  


  1. Mandie,
    I too find myself at times in front of the computer for far too long. We will all still be here, and checking your page as needed. Enjoy your time with your kids while they are young! Time goes way too fast!

    Frugal Invitation

  2. I'm just getting started on my blogging again and weighing just how much I want to do too. Finding that balance is really hard...especially when we have children! I'll still check your page too! You've done a wonderful job though and I want to thank you for that!

  3. Way to go friend!!! I know this decision is hard but I think you will be so thankful for it in the long run!!!
    I love ya girl. :)