I'm Feeling Streched!

As much as I have enjoyed this journey of blogging my money saving deals, I am feeling torn and that sometimes it simply takes too much time away from my children and husband.  I started my blog about a year ago when I decided that the only way to stay at home with my little ones was to coupon like crazy, which I still plan to do, but the time it takes to blog it all also has become a challenge.  I want to turn more of my focus on my family and for once...on me!  I joined a gym and plan to spend more time on my health...getting more exercise and sleeping more!  I plan to spend  more time with God and do some other things that have been pushed to the side.  I always told myself that as soon as my blog took more time away from my family than I was comfortable with, it would be time to re-evaluate.  After much thought, I have decided to not completely stop blogging, but post deals when I can.  I simply won't be able to devote as much time to 'I Heart Coupon Deals' as I have in the past, which is why you may see a decrease in the number of posts.  I am in search of a balance and  may one day go back to posting many deals each day, but until then, I encourage you to check out my Blogroll for great deals and check in here from time to time! 


  1. I subscribe to your RSS feed so when I saw this I had to come leave a comment. I can't imagine having small children(mine are 9, 13, & 15) and trying to blog so for you to be able to do it for a whole year is amazing. I started blogging in March and it is really time consuming! My house is a little messier because of my blog:) Good Luck to you :) Children grow so fast so enjoy them while you can!

  2. Mandie, you've done a fabulous job with your blog, but yes, it is time consuming and takes time away from life's priorities. It's all about finding the balance that works. I applaude you for stepping back and reevaluating what works for you. Savor the moments with your children while they are young, you'll have many precious moments that can never be recaptured.
    Thanks for all the deals and steals that you do share with us!

  3. Girl, I love ya. You are an amazing Momma and I think you are making the best choice. I also feel this way often and I only have 1 child and no blog. :) Sometimes we have to re-evaluate where we are going and put things back in order. :) Good luck, let me know about your gym membership. I'm looking at joining one.
    Love you lots, let's do a playdate soon!!!!!

  4. Mandie - you are awesome. I am so proud of you for taking a step back and really focusing on your family and health right now. We ALL love your blog and appreciate what you do so much, but I know that it has to be so hard to balance it all. Praying for you and this new journey!!!!!!!

  5. Mandie, although I don't have children - I do understand how much time blogging really takes. I'm always available if you want to link to my blog for Dillons. Enjoy the time with your family. From what I have heard, the time passes way too fast.


  6. To my wonderful friend,

    I thought about responding to your email about this, but then I decided I wanted to post a comment here instead for the WHOLE WORLD to see! Mandie - I hope that this decision comes back to bless you a hundred times over!!! Anyone that makes any decision such as this, no matter how large or small, to put themselves and their family first is ALWAYS making the best decision of all! Especially the decision to take care of yourself! We all tend to think that by saying that it might make us look selfish or self-centered, but that is exactly the opposite, and anyone that thinks that just needs to re-evaluate their priorities! I am the world's worst at taking my own advice on this and I think most moms do this - they put everyone else first every second of the day and never take a moment for themselves. Of course, your marriage and your kids take equal importance, but it cannot be said enough that unless you take care of Mandie first, you are no good to anyone else. If your health, whether emotional or physical, suffers, then how can you do your very best to take care of your hubby and your kids? Well of course we all know that you can't. Now...maybe I should get off of my blog for a minute and go fix dinner for my hubby, who has been out working in the heat all day (and he is not a youngster!) and after that I will go in my daughter's room and lay down with her for a minute (it doesn't matter that she is 25 - she is sick and she is MY baby!) and after that...well it's time for a good movie with the hubs. After everyone else is fast asleep, I will work on my blog some tonight! Your blog WILL NOT suffer one little bit because you 'back off' a little - you have done such a fantastic job and with the support of your blogging friends, your blog will grow and thrive more than ever.


    Love ya,