Money Saving Q and A- Where's my printable coupon???

Q: Why do some printable coupon links take me to a printable coupon site for which the coupon doesn't exist? Is it because some coupons are available for some zip codes and not others?

A: Yes, coupons available on sites where you enter in a zip code are set to be printed from a particular region and are only available through certain zip codes.
Also, lots of times, there is a set limit of coupons released by manufacture and once the limit is reached, the coupon is pulled from the list of available printable coupons. Coupons will also become unavailable to print due to reaching expiration dates. It's important to print high dollar coupons as soon as you come across them!

~By the way, if you have a "bricks" coupon that just won't print, read my tips HERE on how to fix the problem. If you've had a hard time installing the coupon printers, don't give up! I know I had a hard time at first, but it is well worth the effort to walk through the troubleshooting steps. Everyone once in a while, I still have to reinstall, my guess is that they have everyone do this for updates!

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