Coupons Won’t Print? Here's a solution!

why won't coupons print

Are you having trouble printing coupons? Do you get a “please wait” message and then nothing happens? Or do you get asked to install the coupon printer over and over again? Follow the steps below to avoid having these problems again!

If you are printing a Bricks coupon (url starts with “….”) you can change a few letters in the url depending on the browser you are using to make the coupon print.

Here is a Bricks coupon example:

The vi in the url is the part you will change to make the coupon print for you. Based on the browser you are using, these are the letters you should put in that spot:

Internet Explorer: vi or wi
Firefox: vg or wg
Safari: xs

Just change those key letters and you should be ready to print!


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  1. THANK YOU!!! I have had such problems installing the coupon printer over and over--very frustrating! Can't wait to get home tonight and try this! Thanks, Kat in Springfield, MO