We're having computer issues...apparently our motherboard is fried! (Whatever that is!)  Hope to have it fixed soon and will be back posting deals then!  

Mini Vent:  When it rains, it sometimes pours, right?  Our microwave went out yesterday and we are both having car problems, on top of a HUGE ER bill that just!  Thank goodness we know how to really live on less when it's absolutely essential to be frugal!  

For anyone else struggling out there, focus on what you do have and ride it out!  Things always work out!  Look on the bright side and stop to smell the flowers, even in the storm.  Sunny days are on the way!


  1. We have been there, our broke down in april, we blew out our ac this summer, have had electric bills that are outrageous and just discovered mold in our basement.

    For your ER bill you can contact them and work out a deal. Most hospitals will acecept payment plans as low as 50% So if your bill is like 800 bucks you can say I can only afford 400 paid in increments of 20 bucks a week, or 50 a month etc for the next few months and they will give in. Most do.

    As for car problems advance autoparts and autozone have a thing they plug in your car and will diagnose most basic problems. I am lucky that hubby is a mechanic so our car troubles usually dont cost an arm or a leg. But call around and get multiple opinions and prices and play them against one another.

    if the motherboard is fried its the componet that deals with graphics and ram etc. It basiclly runs the computer (aka super important) ata least it wasnt the harddrive . That one sucks to replace cause you cant ever get everything backmaybe 80% if ur lucky.

  2. Thanks for the great tips Stephanie! I really appreciate them!