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 Shannon over at The Bargain Buggy created the new list of over 50 Target coupons that became available today!   Be sure to go ahead and print these coupons, just because the expiration date may be a while away these coupons will not stay up until then. Click HERE to print the Target Store Q (coupons) and check out a few manufacture coupons in the list to stack with the store coupon. New to stacking? Info HERE!  Here is the list along with the expiration dates:

EXPIRES August 4, 2010
B2G1 FREE: Kashi Frozen Entree, Pizza, Cereal or Snacks Target Store Q
-$1.50/2 Boxes of Kashi TLC Bars

EXPIRES AUGUST 21, 20108/21
$1/2 Kashi Frozen Entrées Target Store Q
$1/1 Kashi Frozen Pizza Target Store Q
$1/1 Kashi GoLean Bars 4-pk. Target Store Q
$1/2 Kashi Cereal 12-oz. or larger Target Store Q
$1/3 Kashi Crackers, Cookies or Bars Target Store Q
-$1.50/2 Boxes of Kashi TLC Bars
.50/1 Bear Naked All Natural Granola 12-oz. Target Store Q
-B1G1 Bear Naked Granola (Facebook Q under Offers Tab) HERE

EXPIRES August 28, 2010
$1/1 Juicy Juice boxes 8-pk. Target Store Q
-$1 off any two Nestle Juicy Juice products HERE
$1/1 Tums Kids digestive aid 36 ct Target Coupon x8/28 Target Store Q
-$1/1; $1/2 Tums, 24 ct. or larger – 06-27-10 RP
-$1.00 off any Tums product (24ct or larger)
-$1/1; $1/2 Tums, 24 ct. +, Any – 05-23-10 RP
.50/1 Yoplait Splitz yogurt 4-pk. Target Store Q
.50/1 Capri Sun drink pouches 20-pk. Target Store Q
$1/1 Sensodyne ProNamel Toothpaste 4 oz Target Store Q
-$1/1 Sensodyne ProNamel Toothpaste, Any 4-25 OR- 05-02-10 RP
-$1 off any Pronamel Product (4 oz or larger) HERE
$1/1 Simply Juice Refrigerated juice 59 oz Target Store Q
$1/1 Synder’s of Hanover pretzels 8-oz. or larger Target Store Q
-.75/1; $1/2 Snyder’s Flavored Pretzel Pieces or Nibblers, any 8oz. or + – 05-23-10 SS x8/30
-$1/1; $1/2 Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzels, any 8oz + – 05-23-10 SS x8/30
-$1/1 Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzels, Any 8 Oz. Or Larger – 06-27-10 SS x8/31
.50/1 Kraft macaroni & cheese cups 4-pk. Target Store Q
.75/1 Kraft String Cheese 12-ct. Target Store Q
$1/1 Nature Valley granola bars Multipack Target Store Q
-.75/2 Nature Valley Granola Bars PRINT
-.75/2 Nature Valley Granola Bars 07-11-10 SS 9/4
$1/1 Hunt’s Snack Packs Pudding 12 Pack OR (3) 4-Packs Target Store Q
$1/2 Kellogg’s Cereal (Excl Singles or Variety Packs) Target Store Q
$1/2 Kellogg’s Special K Cereals 11.4 oz. or + Any Flavor, PRINT
$1/2 Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Crunch, Extra! or Raisin Bran Cereals 14 oz. + PRINT
-$1.25/3Kellogg’s Cereals (10 oz. or larger, any flavor, mix or match), on 3 – 06-27-10 RP x8/8
$1/1 Kid Cuisine Frozen Meal Target Store Q
-$1/2 Kid Cuisine, any – All You, June 2010 x8/15
$10/1 Fisher Price iXL Base learning system Target Store Q
.75/1 Gatorade or G2 8- or 12-pk. Target Store Q
$1/2 Betty Crocker Hamburger Etc Helpers Meals 5.2- to 9.2-oz. Target Store Q
-.75/3 Hamburger, Tuna or Chicken Helper Meals, any flavor – 06-20-10 SS x8/21
$1/1 Chef Boyardee food product Target Store Q
-1.50/4 Con Agra Products (Chef Boyardee Included)
.50/1 Campbell’s Soup (Select Harvest or Chunky) Target Store Q
$1/1 Del Monte fruit cups 6-pk. Target Store Q
$1/1 Bagel Bites 9 or 40 ct Target Store Q PRINT x8/28
-$1/1; $1.50/2 Bagel Bites snacks, any two. – 06-13-10 SS x12/31
-$1/1 Bagel Bites (9 ct Package included) HERE
.50/1 Band-Aid Bandages (Dora the Explorer 25 CT) Target Store Q
-.50/1 Neosporin or Band-Aid Product ETS 06-20-10 RP x8/31
-$1.50/2 Neosporin & Band-Aid Product, ETS- 06-20-10 RP x8/31
$1/1 Bertolli Frozen Meal for Two 21 – 24 oz Target Store Q
.50/1 SpongeBob ACT Kids Anticavity Fluoride Rinse 16.9 oz Target Store Q
-$1/1 Act Mouthwash Bottle 16.9 Oz. +, Any – 06-06-10 SS x7/31
.50/1 Aquafresh Kids Pump Toothpaste 4.6 oz Target Store Q
-$1/1 Aqua Fresh Kids Bubblemint HERE
.50/1 Aquafresh Cavity Protection Toothpaste Pump or Tube Target Store Q
.50/1 Kraft Lunchables Product Target Store Q
$1/1 Mead FiveStar Poly Binder 1.5″ Target Store Q
$1/1 BIC Stationery Product Target Store Q
-$1/2 Bic Stationary Products from the 8-09-09 SS x9/30
.50/1 Papermate Product Target Store Q

$1/1 Planters Nuts 7.5 oz or Larger Target Store Q
.50/1 Clearasil Ultra Skin Care Item ETS Target Store Q
-$1/1; $1.50/1 Clearasil Product, Any – 05-09-10 SS x8/1
$1.50/1 GE Light Bulb Reveal or CFL Target Store Q
-$1/2 GE Energy Smart, GE Reveal or GE Edison Halogen Light Bulbs, Any PRINT
$10 off Kodak camera (Excludes Single Use) Target Store Q
$1 off Tums Digestive Aid ETS Target Store Q
-$1/1; $1/2 Tums, 24 ct. or larger – 06-27-10 RP x7/31
-$3.00 off Tums Dual Action (25ct or larger) PRINT
-$1.00 off any Tums product (24ct or larger) PRINT
-$1/1; $1/2 Tums, 24 ct. +, Any – 05-23-10 RP x8/31
-$2/1 Tums Dual Action, 25 ct. +, Any – 05-23-10 RP x8/31
.50/1 SoBe Lifewater 20-oz. Target Store Q
-B1G1 Sobe Lifewater (Alive Again but not re-set) HERE
-*Play for a chance to win a -B1G1 SoBe Lifewater coupon HERE
$1/1 Energizer Multipack Batteries or Flashlight purchase of $5 or + Target Store Q
-$1/1; $1.25/1 Energizer Brand Batteries or Flashlight 6-13-10 SS x7/31
-.75/1 Vaseline skin care Lotion 3.1 oz or Higher Target Store Q
-$1/1 Vaseline Product, any 3.1 oz or larger (except Renewal or Glow) – 06-27-10 RP x7/25
-$1/1 Any Vaseline Aloe Fresh Product PRINT
-$1 off any One Vaseline Clinical Therapy Lotion 6.8oz PRINT

$1/2 Wonka Fruit jellies or Fruit Marvels Target Store Q
-$1/1 Wonka Fruit Marvels or Jellies PRINT
$1/1 Wonka Chocolate Bar or Bag Target Store Q
-$1/1 Wonka Exceptionals, 3.5 Oz. Bar Or 8.5-9.5 Oz. Bag BH&G Mag, July 2010 x10/10
$1/2 Wonka Bags or Nestle Butterfinger, Crunch, or Baby Ruth, Fun Size or Miniatures HERE

.50/1 Twizzlers Licorice 21 – 24 oz Target Store Q 

$1/1 Airwick Twin-pack item Target Store Q
-$1/1 Air Wick Scented Oil, Any (1) Twin Refill Pack Or (2) Single Refills, Any – 06-20-10 SS x8/1
$1/1 Abreva Cold Sore & Fever Blister Treatment Pump or Balm Target Store Q
-$1 off any Abreva product HERE

.50/1 Clorox Disinfecting Wipes 30 ct. or Larger Target Store Q
-$1/2 Formula 409, Clorox Clean-Up Or Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, Any – 06-06-10 RP x8/8

$1/1 Cottonelle 18-pk. or + Bath Tissue or 84-ct. or + Wipes Target Store Q
-$1/1 Cottonelle Toilet Paper, Double Roll 12-pack, Any – All You, July 2010 x9/30
-.50/1 Cottonelle Bathroom Tissue, any 12-pack or larger – 07-11-10 SS x8/21

$5 off Evenflo Big Kid LX Lime Surprise booster car seat Manuf. Coupon on Target Site
$1 off Evenflo Classic Glass Bottle Manuf. Coupon on Target Site
$1/2 Buitoni Refrigerated Pasta or Sauce Manuf. Coupon on Target Site

Click HERE to print the Target Store Coupons!

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