Types of Coupons and Stacking

Types of Coupons:
There are two main types of coupons:
  • manufacturer’s coupons
  • store coupons

Manufacturer’s coupons are the coupons that come in the Sunday newspaper, in magazines, on websites, or inside the box of a product. They are made by the manufacturer of the product and say so on the coupon.

Store coupons are coupons that a particular store puts out. Walgreens, for example, has a weekly flier with weekly deals inside and Walgreens coupons you can use for that week. CVS also has a weekly flier. Target puts out store coupons as well.

Stacking Coupons:
One of the ways to get a really great deal is to be able to “stack” store and manufacturer coupons for the same item. The  store pays for the one store coupon and the manufacturer for the other. This is why you can “stack.”  The thing to always remember for a “store” coupon to really be a STORE coupon—no where on the coupon can it say “Manufacturer’s coupon” as some will list a store but state that.    You can also stack an manufacture coupon with an eCoupon!

Examples of Stacking:

Bandiads $1
-$.50/1 coupon from an insert
-$.50/1 coupon from the flier
Final Price= FREE!

Razor $5
-$5 printable coupon
-$2 eCoupon
Final Price= FREE plus $2 in overage!

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