McAlister's Tea Tumblers

You an pick up one of the new tea tumber's for only $5.99 @ McAlisters and then get them refilled for only $.99 for the rest of the year.  FYI:  These cups are alittle smaller, but its still a good deal if you stop by often.  They are 24 ounces and the regular cups are 32 ounces.  They are insulated and keep your tea cold forever!  Also, the punch card still works to work up to a free refill.  Stop by during Happy Hour, from 3 to 5 for doubles punches!  Wondering if its worth's the math.  I know, I am a numbers nerd, but the lady by me in line was sure it wasn't worth it...

Buy One Tumber and get twelve refills for $17.87 or $1.37 per tea.
(that's two per month for the rest of the year)

Because the sizes are different:
13 cups x 24 oz= 312/ 32 oz for bigger cups= 9.7

Buy 10 teas (equivalent in ounces)  $20 or or $2 per tea

You have to take into account having to wash it at home and remembering to bring me it's worth it.  :)

Or your McAlisters can love you because you always come in on Tuesdays for Kids Eat Free Night and give you one.  ;)  Happened to me....made my day!  

Now, I can't believe I just wrote an entire post on sweet to get focused!


  1. Can you still get these tumblers anywhere?

  2. I haven't seen them at any of the stores here...hope you find one!