Have a Dog? Here's How I Saved on Flea Medication

We recently got a new puppy. Isn't he cute?? His name is Jack and he's a Puggle. (pug/beagle)

So I knew having a pet was going to have extra expenses, but wow! There have been a lot more expenses than I even expected. I did some research and found a great way to save money on Jack's Frontline Flea Medication that I just had to pass on. I bought a six month supply on eBay for only $16.20, where as six months worth of this product at Wal-Mart is $64! Here's what I got:

Here's why it such a great deal with info from my top rated seller, davidh3090:


Your Kit will contain 1 (One) 4.02 ml tubes of Genuine Frontline Plus flea treatment sized for extra large dogs, which you will divide into smaller doses for your dog. Your Kit includes an Amber Glass Vial in which the excess Frontline Plus is stored for future doses. Your Kit also includes a sterile, clearly marked Syringe no needle, which you will use to measure and apply the monthly Fronline Plus dosage to your pet. Full instructions are included as well. Just refer to the chart below to see the dosage amounts and number of doses per kit depending on the weight of your pet.


Dogs 0-22lbs use 0.67ml (6 monthly doses in this kit)

This is the same method many veterinarians, breeders, and rescue shelters use. The large tube of flea medication is the same for extra large dogs and smaller dogs you will just get a lot more of it. For very little effort, you can save hundreds of dollars a year on your flea medication. We will provide you everything you need to properly apply each dose and we provide detailed instructions with the exact dosage amount that your pet needs.

One (1) 4.0 ml Factory-Sealed Tubes of Genuine Frontline Plus for Extra-Large Dogs
One (1) Amber Glass Vial to store the Frontline Plus for Future Monthly Doses
One (1) Clearly-Marked Syringe (without needle) to Extract the Correct Monthly Dosage From the Vial
Clear Instructions Showing How to Administer the Frontline Plus to Your Pet and Correct Monthly Dosage

If you have a smaller dog, hopefully this will help you save some money on your flea medication. It just makes sense!

**I have had couple comments on the safety of buying flea medication this way.  My Frontline was still packaged with the lot number and everything, but unfortunately I can see how someone could sell something on eBay that isn't what it states...something to be aware of.  I would make sure everything is sealed.


  1. there are a lot of fake flea products on ebay that could poison your dog. I get my Frontline Plus, 3 month suppy, from Petco.com for $39 and know that it is the real deal. Many pets have been poisoned by fake flea products. Be careful or you could end up spending more money trying to save your pets life or could end up with a dead pet.

  2. This is one deal I would not take advantage of. There are no regulations for monitoring pet meds online and I highly doubt you got a good product. Be careful what you buy and do heavy research before doing so. Just because they say they are legit doesn't mean they truly are.

    I have a large dog and am fortunate to have a sister-in-law who is a vet and willing to sell me flea and tick prevention at her cost. A 6 month supply for me is $60.