Cutting Down on Household Items

I know this may be a no-brainer to some, but I recently had an "ah ha" moment that may help some of you.  I work hard to clip coupons and bargain hunt, as I know many of you do too!  I started really thinking about the things we use around our house on a daily basis and noticed we were carelessly using products that could last twice as long if we used only what we needed.  Here's what I mean:
  • Although I have a ton of toothbrushes in my stockpile, I realized I was switching them out too often,along with many other toiletries in my stockpile simply because I had them on hand.
  • I was using two baby wipes at a time.  I don't know why, maybe just out of habit, but using one a time makes them last twice as long.
  • As opposed to a handful of shampoo and conditioner, now I use more of a quarter size amount.
  • Here's one of my favorites... I cut foods in half, such as the amount of salad dressing I use, to not only make it last twice as long, but it also cuts my calories in half.
  • I started actually looking at the fill line on the laundry detergent cap instead of overflowing it and then adding a little extra to get the clothes super clean.  There's a set amount for a reason!
  • I was using handful of paper towels when I really only needed one or two...better yet, started using hand towels a lot more.
  • I realized I only need a pump or two of hand soap to clean my hands, as opposed to three or four!
These are just a few of the things I consciously noticed that I could change to make my hard earned stockpile items last that much longer!

How about you?  Are there things around the house that you could cut back on?


  1. I read if you put a rubberband around the neck of the hand soap despenser it makes it last longer because the pump won't go all the way down. Works SO well for us!

  2. One thing I did was instead of having one or more different specialized cleaners for each room (ie: kitchen, bathroom, etc) I started buying more multi-purpose and multi-surface cleaners and cut my number of bottles under the sink by more than half.

  3. I made the homeade laundry soap like the duggar's and saved a lot of money!

  4. Did you know that there is a WHOLE lot of lotion left in the bottom of the bottle when it STOPS pumping???? I started cutting the tops off my bottles (not real easy because of the shape and hardness of the plastic) when they stopped pumping and I can usually get at least another weeks worth of lotion!

  5. Thank you all for sharing your tips!!

  6. Great tips, Mandie! I didn't even think about the baby wipes, but I'm definitely guilty of grabbing more than one out of habit. Now, I'll be more aware!