I Heart My Health - Recipe

As I embark upon my new goal of trying to combine frugal with healthy, I hope to share some of my findings with my readers!  Right now, you can get fresh green beans and new red potatoes for super cheap, less than $1 a pound.  Try out this recipe!  My entire family LOVED it!  This recipe is so delicious and healthy!

1lb green beans
6oz ham
1lb new red potatoes

Boil your red potatoes until almost tender, drain them and dice them in halves or fourths.  Add snapped and halved green beans to pan with about 1 cup of water.  Sprinkle in chicken  boulion for extra seasoning.  Green beans need to cook for a total of around 30 minutes.  Add diced ham and potatoes half way through cooking.  Season with your favorites...I add onion powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper.  Serve with dab of butter on top.  Serves six.

Total cost per serving:  $0.75 each

FYI:  The going rate for both green beans and new potatoes at the Farmer's Market is $2.50 per pound.  This is what I used and the taste of the fresh, local grown veggies was worth it to me!

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