Persistence with Couponing

If you’re sold on the idea of couponing, remember that it takes a lot of trial and error!  I love the quote on this persistence poster, “There is not giant step that does it, it's a lot of little steps,” which is so true with couponing.  There is a lot to learn and not every deal goes as planned.  I encourage you to keep a positive attitude and to be OK with knowing that not all shopping trips can end up with a zero or even negative balance and the ones that do are very carefully planned and executed!  Did you catch that?  Yep, I said negative balance, where you are paid to shop!  Those trips are fun!  Please know that couponing gets easier with practice.  Decide and focus on why you would coupon.  I keep a picture of my babies next to my computer and just looking at their sweet faces motivates me to keep on top of the current deals.  I just love knowing that I am using the money God has given my family to the very best of my ability by spending it frugally smart, hunting for those deals and matching up coupons.  Couponing is truly worth it and the money saved is well worth the time spent!  

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