Money Saving Secret: Loss Leaders @ Supermarkets

One money saving secret is to remember to only take advantage certain products at supermarkets, otherwise known as the High-Low-Price Stores.  Be sure to pick up the loss leaders, the products the store may actually loose money on to advertise at such a low price to get you in the door.  These High-Low-Price stores count on shoppers to purchase the higher priced  items to compensate for the loss, as opposed to the Everyday-Low Priced stores, such as Walmart, where products are priced relatively low everyday.  Also, get all the items you can score for a super low final price after double coupon match up at the High-Low Priced Stores, who usually double coupons.  I recommend to buy all the other items you need at the lower priced stores, such as Walmart, who don’t double coupons, just don’t forget to make a list and stick to it!

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