Cheese Price Comparisons

I have been tackling this huge project of comparing products I buy at different stores by unit. I will be sharing this valuable info on my blog! Today, I'm starting with cheese! We buy so much cheese! We make lots of Mexican foods (taco, fajitas, ...) and just have it on our salads and baked potatoes!

I used to be a brand loyal shopper. It just become habit and I can't believe how much I've spent on things over the years on foods that taste exactly the same as products that are much cheaper. I admit, I don't think everything can be switched to the off brand, due to taste and value. There are many times when I get the name brand much cheaper with coupons and deals. As far a cheese goes, before I became an educated shopper, I only bought Kraft. Now my eyes have been opened to other excellent tasting cheeses! Here are a few of t price and store comparisons, for those times when you don't have a coupon, but still need to buy something, or when figuring out the best place to use your coupon.

Product (cheddar) /Price/ Store/ Cost per unit

Kraft 16 oz block cheese/ $4.14/ Wal-Mart/ $0.25

Kroger 8 oz block cheese/ $1.88/ Dillon’s/ $0.23

Land O Lakes 2lbs (32oz)/ $4.78/ Sam’s/ $0.14

Now check this out:

Product (cheddar) / Spent per year at 16 oz a month

Kraft 16 oz block cheese /$48

Kroger 8 oz block cheese /$44.16

Land O Lakes 2lbs (32oz) /$26.88

Just think how much you could save if you become a smart shopper about everything you buy!

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