Money Saving Q and A: Starting a Stockpile

Q:  I want to start a stockpile.  Where do I begin and how do I go about it all?

A:  I just sat down with a friend who is having a baby soon and wanted to get her stockpile built up for the next six months.  I created this form for us to use:
We basically sat down with my price book, going through each category and listed all the things her family needed to stock up on or things can that can be stockpiled.  We determined for each product whether or not the family was name brand specific or flexible with a generic brand.  We determined how many the family would need of each item to last for around six months.  Next, we wrote down the maximum price per unit, using my price book, so that way when my friend was out shopping she had a price she would not spend over for each item. This method takes a bit of an investment at the beginning, but is worth it for big events coming up!

Above is an example of a short term stockpile goal or even a good way to build a beginning stockpile.  Once you have a stockpile established, focusing on one or two items a week is a great way to maintain a stockpile.    I know some stockpilers keep a tally of what they have.  While this would be effective, I personally keep an eye on things and keep an eye on the sales and deals....stocking up on freebies or close to free anytime!  A good rule of thumb is to stockpile three months worth of product on an item.  Personally though, if I find a really good sale on something  that rarely goes on sale, I may even buy up to a year's worth of it if the investment fits in our budget.

I have more info HERE on why stockpiling is smart and some pictures on how to organize a stockpile HERE!

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