Diaper Deal! (updated)


This deal worked for me!  Head to ToysRus and ask the registery counter for the two free baby magazines, American Baby and Baby Talk.  Each magazine has a 20% off coupon code that you can stack, or use together.  You can also pick up a Fit Pregnancy magazine for around $6 to get a $10 coupon inside, which can be found at Barnes and Noble.  I just bought a box of 176 diapers for only $12.26 on Amazon Mom,which comes to $.06 a diaper, and that's without using the $10 coupon code.  You do have to sign up for the Subscribe and Save option on Amazon to save the additional 30%, but you can cancel it, no strings attached!  I just wanted to confirm that this really is a great deal!

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Desert Deals Diva has an AWESOME scenario on how to get free diapers on Amazon.com using coupon codes from magazines.  Check out the informative post HERE!  Now to get my hands on some of those coupons! 

Thanks Jen! 

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    Thanks for linking back to my blog! I plan on getting my family to help me grab a few more boxes! I just need to decide what sizes to grab first! :-)