Money Saving Q and A

I am excited to announce a new series I will be writing called Money Saving Q and A!  I will be addressing the many questions asked during coupon classes, emailed to me from my blog readers, or asked on Facebook.  I have learned so many money saving techniques that I'd like to pass on.  Living this fabulously frugal lifestyle has become a way of life that has saved us so much money, enabling us to not only live better, but give more to others and reach many goals!

So...I'm opening up my series simply letting my readers know that now is the time to send in all those money saving questions you have!  Email me @ with MONEY SAVING QUESTION as your title!  I will do my best to share my knowledge, do research if necessary, and open up the floor to all my frugal readers as well!

I look forward to helping you saving money!


  1. Hey girlie!

    Great idea to get readers involved. I always read about this being really important on a blog (to keep readers coming back). So...hope it goes well - knowing how smart you are it will be grrrrrrrrreat!

    love ya!


  2. Dear Mandie
    Great Idea, Where and How do we send packages to our troops? I'm sure it has been mentioned but I am new at this.
    Many Regards