How to make Foaming Hand Soap

Lisa and Paulette over at Coupon Connection have some excellent Tuesday Tips!  This one caught my attention and is a money saver I'm going to have to try out!

You will need:
An empty foaming soap dispenser
Any clear or almost clear liquid soap

What you need to do:
Fill the empty foaming soap dispenser with 1/5 of the way with the liquid soap
SLOWLY Fill the rest of the 4/5 of the soap dispenser with water
Put the lid back on and gently move the bottle from side to side (DO NOT SHAKE) until the water and the soap are mixed together.

-Out of 1 container of liquid soap, you can probably make about 5 dispensers of foaming soap.  On my book, that's the same as a buy one get four free coupon!  :)


  1. So did it work out as well as expected? I could really use this. I always wondered about that. Pampered Chef was selling a "foaming soap dispenser" long before foaming soap was popular and their instructions were to simply fill it half with liquid soap and half with water, and gently mix. 1/5 is even better!

  2. It totally works!!!

    I'm currently working on making my own laundry detergent too! :)

  3. I finally finished up my "foaming soap refills" that were... way overpriced. And yes, this works just as well, I love it!

  4. I have the Pampered Chef dispenser...bought it about 4 years ago and the soap fill line is only 1/5 or maybe even less. Works great although I've heard it can get clogged with a lot of use, but I live by myself so that hasn't been a problem.