One Kings Lane- Free $15 Credit

One Kings Lane  is a newer members only site whose focus is home products. The BEST part is you get $15 when you sign up to shop for FREE! The credit even works on shipping charges.  Here are some of the deals available:
This 14 pc set is just $3 + shipping after your FREE $15 credit!
This large Bambo bowl is FREE after your credit, you just pay shipping!

This coffee and blanket set is just $4 + shipping after your credit.

Many more items are available at One Kings Lane , so be sure to check out the site and score some free or nearly free deals!  

(While several of the freebies are currently sold out, I went ahead and signed up and will be checking back later when new products are added!  This will be going in my Christmas presents stockpile!) 

Click HERE!

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