BOGO (Buy-One-Get-One) coupons and sales can be one of the hardest things to wrap your head around as a couponer. And that’s mostly because they are almost too good to be true sometimes!  Keep in mind, it’s always up to the stores on what their policies are on handling coupons. But here is how they generally work:

  • BOGO Coupon By Itself (or a BOGO sale item by itself) – If you use a BOGO coupon by itself, you’ll pay full price for one item and get the other one for FREE.
  • Coupons on BOGO Sale Items – If your store is running a BOGO sale on an item, you can use TWO coupons, one for each item, even though one item was technically free. The reason for this is because the sale is offered by the store and the coupons are re-imbursed by the Manufacturers.
  • BOGO Coupons w/ BOGO Sale Items – This is like winning the lotto. You get BOTH items for FREE. Why? The store will give you one for FREE with the sale and the manufacturer will re-imburse them for the value of the coupon.

(Check your store for policy on BOGOs, but this is generally how it works.)


  1. Great post! BOGO tends to be very confusing. Can you answer this Q too?

    -- Can a BOGO coupon be paired with another coupon? For instance, I have these BOGO coupons on Bic razors. There are also $3 off coupons for the same product. Can I buy 1 razor, get $3 off, and still get another razor free?

  2. Darla- Great question! Unfortunately, the answer is no. :( If you use a bogo coupon, that is the only coupon you can use on the two products. If the store had a bogo sale, you could use two $3 off coupons though. I would do the math and see which is a better deal...using the bogo, or two (if you have two) $3 off coupons.

  3. Thank you for such a quick response! And I love your site... I try to visit daily. :)

  4. In my experience if you're using a BOGO coupon you can also use a $ of coupon for the item that you are not getting for free.

    Like the BIC Razors... buy 2 packages use the $3 for the item you are buying (because you ARE buying it) and then use the BOGO coupon to get the 2nd item for free.

    And say you have a coupon for a free item and have a BOGO coupon. you can get 2 items for free.

  5. Amy...I will have to look into this more. I have tried before and was told I couldn't, but maybe it was just that store (walgreens) or even cashier. Thanks for the tip!

  6. Oh Walgreens is a bummer! If they tell you that e-mail corporate! I've had issues with Walgreens telling me i cant use a BOGO coupon with a BOGO sale (getting both for free). I argued and argued with them in store no budge, so i e-mailed corporate. the next day i received a call and was told to come in and use my coupon! (i'm not much of a walgreens shopper, especially in my small town walgreens. I ALWAYS have issues!)