Leave a Comment!

I love reading comments!  I really enjoy interacting with people that read my blog...whether you want to give advice, your two cents, or report a deal... I'd love to hear whatever you have to say!  I try to comment back and am emailed anytime someone leaves a comment.  I look forward to more interaction from my readers!  I know your out there!  =)


  1. Hey!

    I have VERY little reader interaction and it drives me insane. Just a simple hello or thank you, etc. is so nice to hear. However, I don't get to do that very often because of our super slow internet.

    I don't have anything fancy to report, been neck deep in Dillons stuff for days now.

    Have fun, enjoy your comments!

  2. I know. One thing with couponing is that it is never ending, so taking the time to comment takes precious time away from searching the internet for more deals! I know how that is, but like you said, it's nice to hear from readers every once in awhile. I know, I can't wait to get to Dillons this week!

  3. Hey! I am commenting to say thanks for all the hard work you put into the blog! I love following on FB and Twitter!

    Have a great week!!! Happy couponing!

    Elizabeth @ The Thrifty Divas

  4. Hey Elizabeth! You are so welcome! Love your site and appreciate your hard work too!