Kum-n-Go No Mo (local readers...heads up on free newspapers)

Wahhh...Kum n Go is no longer giving free newspapers with $15 worth of gas.  Now I am actually going to have to buy the newspaper.  =(  Walgreens sells the Newsleader for $.99, but with the Kansas City Star having sometimes twice as many coupons (usually the high dollar "good" coupons) for $2...I'm not sure what I'll do...maybe a couple of each.

Tip:  Buy as many newspapers as you have family members.  (atleast!)


  1. What we need to do is make sure we get a receipt with our gas, then call the customer service number on the receipt. Then, we need to complain that we no longer get a free paper with our gas purchase. Apparently, there are already quite a few people doing this, so if we band together and complain enough, we'll get our papers back. I don't know about you all, but personally, that's why I chose Kum n Go for fuel over other stations, was the free paper.

  2. That would be great if we get them back! I know, that's why I chose Kum n Go too...maybe they'll realize that soon when sales go down a lot.