Do I Make Money Blogging?

I know this is a question many of you have wondered, so I'd like to answer it for you!  I started out my blog truly to share my secrets and money saving finds with family and friends.  I learned how to coupon and just wanted to share what I knew with others to help them save money as well.  Along the way, I found a couple of companies that offer payment to bloggers, so after looking into them, I picked a few to incorporate into my blog.  I am very picky about which ads I allow on "I Heart Coupon Deals" and don't want my readers to have to dig through ads to find good deals, so I committed to only post deals that would help others and and if a few of the deals help to compensate for my time and be an additional income for my family on a tight budget, I'd take it! 

Now for the big much do I make?  Well, I started "I Heart Coupon Deals" about a year ago and have made around $500 off of ads placed on my blog.  If I did the math and figured out how much I've made per hour...just trust me...I don't do it for the money!  Its a nice perk though. I know there are many blogs out there who make that much in a month, easy.   Although I may not make as much blogging as others, I have saved my family thousands of dollars by couponing, no doubt.  Interested in starting a blog?  Email me questions!  Interested in couponing?  Read through my 101 posts and then email me any questions you may have!

Interested more in supporting me?  These are the three main companies that I make a little profit on, and while I advertise for them, I also love them!, handsdown, has the best printable coupons available on the web!  You can support my cause by printing coupons directly from my website from & Redplum or by loading eCoupons to your shoppers card from Cellfire. Letting your family and friends know about my website is another great way to support my cause!

I want to thank so many of you for emailing me your thanks for posting deals on my blog. They are more encouraging than you know!  I love to hear from my readers! 

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