Check Your Recipts!

Do you check your receipts?  At Dillons, when you pay a price for a product that is incorrect, you get that product for free!  All you have to do is take your receipt to the service desk and they give you cash back.  If you buy more than one of the same item, you only get the cash back on one of them.  Wondering how often this happens?  ALOT!  I have something ring up wrong almost EVERY time.  You do have to know your prices to catch it, but I let my incorrect receipts add up and then head to the service desk with several receipts before I shop for a freebie trip on Dillons.  I am not sure if there is a time frame on when you have to do this by, but I've never had any problems.  Their prices change so much each  week, I am sure its hard to get all the prices changed.   Last week my grapes didn't ring up at $.99/lb for the 3 Day Special and I grabbed Hershey Syrup on a stand by the milk, displaying a lower price than when the shelf states.  One more reason why I love Dillons!  I can imagine most stores just give you the difference.  

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