Where to Find Coupons??

Where can you find coupons? There are many places!  First, I recommend getting coupons from the inserts in Sunday’s newspaper and I buy multiples of these.  A good rule of thumb is to alteast buy as many inserts as you have family members at home.   You can also get coupons from links to printable coupons found on websites,  blogs, and forums. My blog is full of printable coupon links I encourage you to take advantage of, but many times the quantities of coupons that company’s offer are limited, so print them quick when you come across them.  I keep my blog updated with all the latest and newest released coupons that I find.  You can also find coupons from search engines by looking directly on manufacture’s websites.  Look around in the store and you can find tons of coupons in the pull tab blinking boxes, from tear pads, and peelies on products.  Get coupons in the mail, like with free samples or from being mailing lists.  Search for them in magazines.  All You is a magazine available at Walmart full of great coupons.  You can even download electronic coupons, or eCoupons to your store loyalty card with just a few clicks of the mouse. When you buy the item, the eCoupon value will automatically be deducted.  You can even purchase coupons on eBay or any coupon clipping service!  As you can see, there are tons of places and once you have yourself trained to spot them, you find that coupons are everywhere!

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  1. Hi Mandie, Which newspapers do you subscribe to for the best coupons?