Oscar Mayer $2 Coupon + Price Check

Starting today, from 5/1-5/3 (while supplies last), when you "Like" Oscar Mayer on Facebook you'll be able to print a $2 coupon off any Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat. You have to enter the sweepstakes to be able to print the coupon. Plus, when you click on the "Like" button, Oscar Mayer will donate 10 pounds of food to Feeding America.

Here's a quick price check from my Price Check link on the left!  You can click on it to make it larger.
At Walmart you can pick up Oscar Mayer Lunch Meat for only $1 with the coupon.  It expires on the 31st, so I may hold out for a sale!  =)

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  1. Thanks, Mandie! I got mine. Do you know if they sell this type of meat at Dillon's? I know I've seen it at Walmart.

  2. Yea, it's a better deal at Walmart though! Unless Dillons has a sale soon. Mine expires on 5/31, so I may hold on to it. Lot's of of times things will go on sale after coupon comes out, but not RIGHT away...all part of the game! =)