Coupon Tips!

  • Don’t feel like you have to clip or save every single coupon. There are so many coupons available, so to clip and save all the coupons you find would take way too much time and definitely make you feel overwhelmed. You'll wind up with a huge pile of expired coupons!
  • When clipping coupons ask yourself these questions–Will my family use this product? If we can snag it for free will we use it? Can we donate it? If you answered no to all those questions, then don’t save the coupon.
  • Do NOT feel you have to use every single coupon you clip right away. This is what the manufacturer’s want you to do. If you use a coupon when a product is not on sale, then you’re not getting the best deal. In fact, it’s most likely less expensive in this situation to buy the store brand.  Wait for a sale and then use a coupon or better yet use lots of “like” coupons to start stockpiling!
  • Sometimes its better to buy the smallest product you can find and pair it with a coupon. When I first started using coupons I did not realize this. I would buy the biggest bottle of Laundry detergent, the family size shampoos and conditioners and then wonder why my bill hadn’t really gone down. Lots of times the smallest size products will be FREE after the coupon! Free is FREE and regardless if the product is smaller- it’s still FREE! If you have lots of coupons and buy enough of the smaller items, then soon enough it will add up to the larger item… BUT you will have paid a lot less!

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