Trying Generics

True smart shoppers would most likely buy the store’s generic brand alternative if it's price were lower than the name brand with a coupon. If you have been a brand loyal shopper forever, stuck in the habit of buying a name brand because that is what you have always done, consider at least trying one off brand each week.  These lower priced products aren’t usually right at eye level, so search high and low for those good deals.  I have been pleasantly surprised with the quality and value I have found in many generic products!  This not to say I have certain name brand products that I buy... it truly depends on your opinion of the product.  I gave other ranches as try, but can only do Hidden Valley!  I also have switched to many generic brands and can NOT tell a difference!

Keep in mind, the objective is not to achieve a high savings percentage, it is to pay the lowest dollar amount overall.   In other words, don’t get so hung up on the idea of my total before coupons was $50 and is now $25, because this could be true on higher priced items.  Focus more on possibly getting a box of cereal for $1, which you could have paid up to $4 for in the past!

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  1. I feel the same way. And to be honest, I actually PREFER several Kroger items to Name Brand.
    For example, I just used my cell fire and shortcuts e-coupons on top of paper coupons at Dillon's on their Pillsbury Sweet Rolls. They were on sale for $1, after coupons were about $.40 each. BUT, they are inferior, seriously...if you have had the Kroger, compare side by side... Kroger actually ROLLS their cinnamon rolls, and Pillsbury stamps the spiral onto the rounds. They have this weird crunchy "topping" that cooks into the tops of the "rolls"...BUT Kroger actually makes them like they are supposed to be made. They have the filling INSIDE the ROLLED cinnamon rolls. They UNROLL sometimes and you have to roll them back up before you bake REAL ONES!!!!
    This example I learned by sale shopping, as the Kroger rolls are regular price $1.89-$1.69 I when the Name brand was cheaper, with coupon, I bought it. And I was VERY disappointed that they were made so cheaply, without consideration that they are called Cinnamon ROLLS for a reason! LOL...
    My point is, a lot of the time, the store brand is BETTER than what you get with the fancy labels, I'm just saying! See for yourself!...take a pic of the two rolls, and tell me which tastes better, I betcha it's the Kroger rolls. And that is my personal preference, and I recommend them to anyone in the market for that type of food!
    Their Crunchy raisin bran is also better than Kellog's. (just FYI) and it is $2.39 a box, everyday.
    I have thought about writing to Pillsbury, and telling them what I actually think about their cinnamon rolls, and the disappointment when I realized how cheap they are....but all they would do is give me coupons for more inferior cinnamon rolls!! LOL...
    My question; which is being "cheap"?....buying the Pillsbury, because I can get them for less than $.50? Or buying the "generic"? {which would actually cost more, but be of higher quality} HHHHMMMMMMMMMM..maybe buying store brands doesn't make or break the quality factor for the money..just food for thought! ;)
    Just curiously...which brand do you personally prefer?