Shopping List Tips

When making a shopping list, there are several resources to help stretch your dollar.  Using the coupon match ups on blogs, such as mine, will help save you tons of time, as a lot of the work is already done for you!  Also, use the store’s weekly sale ad to help you come up with your meal plan!  Check with what‘s on sale, and after becoming a comparison shopper, you really will know what’s on sale, creating meals for your family based upon sales and deals.  Also, check in the coupon data base to see if there are coupons for items on your list!  I personally have two different kinds of shopping trips.  My coupon trips enable me to fill my pantry and refrigerator with very low priced to free items, and then I have my filler trips where I use my finds to make a meal plan based my recipe collection.  Sometimes my coupon and filler trips are combined, but always planned with a list!

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