Puppy Coupons!

We joined the family of dog owners yesterday and so now I will be on the hunt for dog coupons!  I plan to post my finds with my readers!  We have been wanting a puppy for a while now and an opportunity to rescue a drop off came up, so we adopted!  Although the extra expenses that come with being a pet owner will be a challenge, I am determined to use my couponing and deal hunting skills!  If you come across a deal, please pass it my way!  I just entered in dog into my coupon data base search (linkable box on left) and found 81 coupons! 


  1. Congratulations on your new addition! I went to petsmart yesterday armed with coupons and this is what I did:
    (1) 35# bag Pro Plan shredded beef dogfood
    (6) cans pro plan wet dog food
    (2) busy chewnola treats
    (2) busy rollhide chew treats
    (1) bag eukanuba puppy food (4lb i think)--donation

    with my petperks card it would've cost $62 and change. after all my coupons it was only $25 and change. this was using the following coupons:
    $15 off $60 from petsmart email
    $10 off eukanuba puppy food (from a mailer)
    (2) B1G1 busy treats
    (3) B1G1 pro-plan canned food
    $5 off any size bag pro-plan

    I was so excited, i wanted to do it again but i'm out of those coupons now!

  2. Hi Mandie

    One thing I wanted to let you know about, just fyi. :) You are new to the dog thing it seems so I thought I'd share something with you that you might appreciate.

    As hard as it is to hear, please do not skimp on the dog food. It's easy to say 'it's just a dog, I'll buy whatever is cheapest' but cheapest pricetag doesn't necessarily mean it's actually cheaper.

    Please don't buy anything from the grocery store. Iams, Purina, Kibbles n Bits, and even Science Diet are AWFUL.

    You can buy premium, human grade dog food for comparitve prices and they will last you MUCH longer. They are infinitely more nutritious, your pet will actually eat less because it's made with substantial ingredients that fill their tummies (whereas most 'cheap' dog foods use corn which is a filler), and you will see much less expensive vet bills.

    One of the best, least expensive dog foods is Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul. It can be found at many feed stores, Orschlens, etc. It's about $22 for an 18lb bag. Also, if you have a Costco nearby, their Kirkland's brand dog food is actually surprisingly good for being a store brand.

    There's also Flint River Ranch which is what I personally use for my pug because she doesn't tolerate the CSFTDLS very well (but my other two do fine!). It's about $35 for a 20lb bag including shipping BUT it lasts me well over 3months...seriously!

    I know it's hard to imagine spending "more" on dog food, but it's actually cheaper in the long run. Healthier dog=cheaper vet bills. And, the good news about GOOD dog food is that they poop less. LOL.

  3. Irene- Thank you for sharing your find!

    Danielle- I REALLY appreciate your advise! It seems I have a lot to learn! Thank you!