Local: Discovery Center Deal and Donation

The details below could be a great way to help kids in need of school supplies and get a great deal on the Discovery Center!

Salvation Army School Supply Drive
July 1, 2009- September 30, 2009
Discovery Center is partnering with the Salvation Army for the 9th year to collect donations from the community to provide local children with the school supplies needed for the upcoming school year. The drive begins July 1, 2009 and ends September 30, 2009. A barrel has been placed inside the Discovery Center lobby for supplies to be dropped off during regular hours of operation.

Discovery members will receive a free guest pass for items brought in, and non-members will receive a buy-one-get-one-free admission pass for items donated. Donated supplies must be new and in original packaging. Possible donations include:

· Back Packs
· Glue, liquid white, 8oz.
· Scissors
· Rulers
· Bags of blue, black, or red ink pens
· A box of No. 2 pencils
· Rubber eraser toppers
· Paper
· Crayons or colored pencils
· Calculators
· Tennis Shoes
· 2 or more Folders with 3 brads and 2 pockets
· Large boxes of tissue
· Protractors

The Discovery Center and Salvation Army want to help provide equal opportunities for learning. All donations will be placed directly into southwest Missouri elementary and middle schools. The drive will last through Sept. 30, 2009. For more information contact Charlotte McCoy at 471-862-9910 Ext. 713

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