Save $5 On A Purchase Of $5 Or More From Schwan's

Interested in a nearly free sweet treat or hot eat? Currently Schwan's is offering a coupon code for $5 off any order when you use code D5 at checkout.

Some are reporting they were able to order their items and not be charged a $1 delivery fee. Guess it is regional if you get charged or not?

Bomb Pop Jr., 18ct. = $5.19

Vanilla Sundae Cones, 6ct = $4.99

American Processed Cheese Slices, 1lb. 24 slices = $4.99

Mini Super Sweet Corn On The Cob 10ct = $5.49

Special Recipe Pizzas = $4.99
*Buy 3, Save $2.50. Final cost = $2.49 per pizza

Quick Bake French Fries, 2.5lb resealable bag = $5.49

Quik Taters Potato Rounds, 2.5lb resealable bag = $4.99

Meals under $5

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